SOLD! – Selling my Precor strength system/weight machine station

This item is now sold!

I’m selling my Precor S3.15 strength system for $850.  My wife and I have had it for a few years, but we use it too infrequently to justify the amount of space it takes out of a main living area.  I’m sad to part with it since it’s such a great unit, but with kids and limited space, it’s just time for it to go.  It is barely used, and could pass for new.  We’re also including a number of accessories.  It had a 10 year warranty when we purchased it new, so it has a number of years remaining.

Normally, I don’t like to try to sell items through my blog, so please bear with me.

This is a Precor S3.15 weight station ($1299 retail, $1099 “street”), and we’re including some accessories purchased at Scheels. The equipment includes a 150 lb weight stack, weight shroud to keep little fingers out, a leg press attachment (about a $400 upgrade to the base machine), and multi-hip attachment (about a $200 upgrade).  The accessories include a lat bar, straight bar, curl bar, rope, V-shape handle, single handle, and chain. We’re asking $850 (or feel free to make an offer) for all of the above — weight station, attachments, and accessories — which would cost about $1800 if purchased new ($1700 for the station and attachments, and $100 or so for the accessories).

The S3.15 is a single weight stack gym with more than 25 exercises for full-body, strength building workouts. Below are some additional specifications.

  • The leg press and/or multi-hip attachments may be attached on either side
  • Multi-directional press arm allows you to perform pressing exercises and pec fly movements with the path of motion you determine
  • Inward motion movement improves the chest and shoulders range of motion while automatically producing 25% more resistance through an increased range of motion
  • Pectoral fly motion replicates the dumbbell fly with one additional feature – consistent resistance throughout the entire movement
  • Straight forward press motion simulates the standard chest press for overall pectoral development
  • Tricep press is performed by gripping the vertical handles together in front of your chest and maintaining a closed grip throughout the pressing movement
  • Thigh hold down pads are built into the seat
  • Seat: Black stitched vinyl over foam; comfortable, adjustable, ergonomically correct seat fits a wide range of body types
  • Pulleys: ABEC rated ball bearings for added durability and smooth feel
  • Cables – 1/8 inch military spec cables with nylon sheath. Tested to 2,000 lbs (909kg) tensile strength with Nylon/Fiberglass pulleys for added durability with swiveling cable ends.
  • Chest supported seated row
  • Mid Pulley/Ab strap
  • Freedom press
  • 6 ft 11 in height; 6 ft 8 in by 5 ft 11 in foot print

Leave a comment, send me a tweet, or talk to me in person if you’re interested. This would be a great way to kick off your new years resolution list if your list includes more fitness.

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Weight Station (click to enlarge)
Multi-Hip Attachment (click to enlarge)
Precor Model Number On The Side (click to enlarge)
Weight Stack (click to enlarge)
Precor Model Number On The Front (click to enlarge)
Included Accessories (click to enlarge)

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  1. Please let me know if this is still available. Where you’re located and/or how much would it cost for shipping? Thanks

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