I’m Thankful

The Thanksgiving holiday makes my mind wander to thoughts of what is good in my life. It’s so easy to be negative and critical, even with the best intentions, and forget all of the good things in life.  Louis C.K.’s skit highlights this tendency in human nature in a very humorous way.

I’m not going to list everything I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving (does my hosting provider have enough disk space to list it all? 😉 ) but just thinking about what’s good in my life makes me feel great (my wife and daughter, my family, my co-workers, the many friends I have across the globe, and more). This Thanksgiving and this holiday season, I’m going to share that sentiment with those in my life and perpetuate the happiness. After all, it’s way more contagious than the swine flu; it can be spread with a smile and a compliment.

Happy Thanksgiving!